Goomsite.Net is a site that presents a super cool blog display, you can have a Blog with a professional appearance just by using a template from us. With the presence of your goomsite it's no longer difficult to find templates with a display like WordPress and Joomla because on Goomsite everything is available with a professional appearance so that visitors will feel that the Blog that you are using is not Blogspot but WordPress or Joomla. Not only in terms of a cool appearance, the structure in the template has also been arranged neatly and has a heading tag that is very friendly with search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex and others.

    Goomsite.Net initially used the blogspot subdomain,, as time went on, we finally decided to replace the higher domain, It only lasted a few months. Finally, we changed the domain to a new one,, the reason why we replace it because we feel that the domain is not too friendly maybe because Domain [top] is still new and still lacking in use, so we thought like that and finally we decided to change again to a more friendly Domain, Goomsite.Net, which until now we are still use and In Shaa Allah we will always use it.

    Goomsite establishment

    Goomsite was founded on March 4, 2017, which at that time was still using the blogspot subdomain, continued on the domain I forgot the date of the change of this domain and while this domain is no longer associated with our website

    The domain was purchased on May 10, 2017, at, the best Cloud Hosting and used to date.

    Founder of

    Goomsite was founded by Basri Matindas, you can contact the founder on some social media below.

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